About us



 Ekota is an ethical Australian owned business and all of our products are manufactured in Australia.

The concept behind ekota is to provide a sensory journey for all of our happy customers. Life is so hectic, we work hard and sometimes we forget to take time out for ourselves. Our vast range of ekota products were developed to take you away on a journey. Whether it be a far away island, into the candy store or simply enjoying the fragrances which remind you of special moments!

You don't have to feel guilty when you indulge in our products! Not only will you satisfy those cravings without adding a few pounds, you can also rest assured that our products always contain a minimum of 95% natural ingredients. Ekota also uses PET plastic recyclable packaging which means you'll help save our environment too! Take note that PET does not contain toxic bisphenol A which is a known toxic chemical found in cheaper plastic bottles!  We never test our products on animals and are happy that Australia has banned this practise of animal cruelty. In fact, we are so passionate about the treatment of animals that all of our products are vegan friendly too!

Enjoy browsing through our range of beautiful products!